It is our responsibility and duty to maintain the remnants of Sri Lankan puppetry and protect its artistic and cultural value for future generations. There are many ways all parties can work together to preserve this art that can proclaim Sri Lankan identity to the world proudly. Here are some steps and decisions that can take to re-energize these precious puppet arts.

There are many more arts with a real core value. Therefore all should be focusing on these areas, and all sectors should work together to preserve these arts because it will lead to a better outcome for society.


It is a fact that the artistic ambitions of the people of Sri Lanka have long been fulfilled by such a rural art called “Puppets.” But it should be remembered that many of the social ideals go beyond this. Via “Puppets” art, there are many services that can be provided to the community and some of them can be listed as below.

Many of these things can be provided by puppetry to society, and up to some extent are still going on. A lot of social programs are timely to do with this string puppetry that goes beyond just watching a show.